Grand Valley Facing Heat Streak

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Grand Valley residents are feeling the heat as experts with the National Weather Service say our area is facing one the longest heat streaks in its history.

As the summer sun shines down across the Grand Valley, residents say there's only one thing on their mind once they step outside.

"It's been hot," said Julie Faber, who spent Sunday watching her boyfriend play baseball. "It's way hot."

"I can tell you, if I was roofing today or bucking hay, no way," said Paul Gray, who spent Sunday playing baseball.

It's a heat streak that has even turned the heads of local weather experts, who say this many consecutive days of extreme heat is unusual.

"Today marks the thirty-sixth straight day where we have reached ninety degrees or warmer," said Jim Daniels, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

They say most days, warmer seems to be the case. Meteorologists say the Grand Valley has officially reached temperatures of 99 degrees several days this summer. Unofficially, some of their weather spotters across our area have reported temperatures of over 100 degrees. That's why they're asking residents to keep a few things in mind as they head outside.

"Don't over do it and drink lots of water," said Daniels.

Those who spent the day outside say you don't have to tell them twice.

"I came to the shade because it's way too hot to sit in the sun," said Faber.

As for the players on the field, where there's not much shade, they say staying hydrated is their best option.

"Lots of cold water," said Gray. "You hope you don't have to rely on this stuff out here that's warm out of the tap."

Some say the less time they spend outside, the better.

"I like to go inside," said Faber. "It's way too hot to do anything."

Others say they're not going to let the heat spoil their good time.

"We're out here playing baseball and having fun," said Gray. "So you don't mind the extra little bit of heat."

Weather experts say they do expect some cloud cover early this week, but for now their forecast calls for more 90 degree plus temperatures.

"I think we have the potential to see this streak continue," said Daniels.

Weather experts say if high temperatures stay above 90 degrees through Wednesday, that will make this the third longest heat streak in Western Slope history.

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