Stricter Stormwater Regulations Approved

This morning Mesa County Commissioners approved the updated version of the county's Stormwater Management Manual. Commissioner's say the decision will help ensure cleaner run off and comply with state and federal regulations. The updated manual contains stricter stormwater regulations that will mainly affect developers. Local oversight on erosion and sediment control will be implemented and more supervision on the way detention ponds are monitored will be required. All construction sites will be held responsible for meeting Phase II Storm Water Regulations in the Federal Clean Water Act. Larry Ramussem with the Home Builder's Association says they're not thrilled with the federal un–funded mandate they've been confronted with. But by working with the county for the last 15 months on the manual he feels that they finally have a document that's acceptable. He is still however concerned about a lack of engineering knowledge within the association that would make complying with the new mandate hard. Mesa County will not implement the additional development and construction regulations until December 31st. However the rest of the manual has already been implemented. Mesa County will be changing land development codes to require the stormwater quality regulations. The City of Grand Junction adopted its stormwater ordinance in January and plans to utilizing two new chapters of the manual that weren't there before.