Armed Man Faces 15 Criminal Charges

The Orchard Mesa man who kept authorities at bay for more than nine hours during a standoff yesterday has been arrested and charged.
In all the 51–year–old man faces 15 criminal charges.
The Grand Junction Police Department has charged Norman Grady with six counts of felony menacing for issuing threats against officers,
and six counts of first degree assault for pointing a gun at officers.
Grady also faces charges for barricading himself in his home with a weapon and making false reports of explosives. Officers were first dispatched to Grady's home on Olson Avenue a little before 9:30 Sunday morning. They were responding to a report that Grady was suicidal, armed, and had threatened to blow up several propane tanks nearby. At one point during the standoff officers say Grady came out of his house and pointed a gun at them. That's when two officers were forced to fire at him. A protocol investigation is ongoing at this time. Grady surrendered last night a little before seven. NNo one was injured during the ordeal but more than twenty residents were forced out of their homes for the day. Neighbors say Grady's wife recently left him and that could be why he initiated the standoff.