Glade Park Residents Meet To Discuss Postal Future

After mail services were stopped last week, Glade Park residents gathered Monday to discuss what to do next.
A contractual violation at the Glade Park store, where residents received their mail, forced the immediate halt to services. The Postal Service does have a plan in the works to offer residential delivery on Glade Park, however, the change has angered many residents because for the next couple weeks mail will have to be picked up at Grand Junction's main Post Office on 4th St.
More than 100 Glade Park residents came out for Monday's meeting and many were armed with questions as well as frustrations.
Residents packed the Community Center, with more than a dozen people forced to sit outside to listen. The purpose of the meeting was to go over some of the options residents have for postal delivery, which include moving mail boxes to the community center, having a free–standing central box or in the short–term, setting up a mobile postal unit.
Postal officials gaged the pulse and the wants of the community, but regardless service to Glade Park will not happen for two–to–three weeks.