Commissioners Make Permanent Existing Bio-Solid Compost Facility

Mesa County Commissioners today heard a one–year review of a pilot project for turning bio–solids and animal remains into compost-
and then made the project into a permanent part of the landfill.

For the past year the landfill has been filling a need as a repository for dead animals following the closure of the old rendering plant. The facility also uses waste from treatment plants in the composting process.

Residents in the area protested the idea, fearing there would be problems with odors. Facilities manager Bob Edmiston says those fears proved unfounded and the project has worked as planned, producing high-quality compost safe for use in vegetable gardens.

Compost from the facility has been used on fields at Canyon View Park and is also for sale to the public and businesses. Rates vary depending on how much compost is needed. Call the Mesa County landfill for more details.