Wireless HDTV

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NEW YORK (AP) _ Tangles of cables following every TV set in the
house could soon be a thing of the past.

Sony, Samsung and other consumer-electronics heavyweights are uniting behind a technology that could send high-definition video signals wirelessly from a single set-top box to screens around the home.

In the new consortium, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Sharp and Hitachi will develop an industry standard around technology from the Amimon Company of Israel. Amimon says it would allow a TV with the chip to access any source in the home, including gaming consoles, set-top boxes and DVD players.

The company expects TVs with Amimon's chips to reach stores next year, costing about $100 more than equivalent, non-wireless TVs. Still, the dust hasn't settled in the debate, Sony and Samsung are also supporting a competing technology.

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