Tornado Watch Posted As Hurricane Spins Ashore

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Brownsville, Texas (AP) Forecasters say Hurricane Dolly is nearly at category 2 status, with winds of 95 miles an hour, as it approaches coastal towns straddling the Texas-Mexico border today.

There's a tornado watch up across areas of South Texas where hurricane Dolly is moving ashore.

The storm could drop 15 inches of rain in the Rio Grande Valley. Officials are concerned about severe flooding that could cause levees to burst.

At last report, the center of the storm was 40 miles east of Brownsville, moving at eight miles an hour. The coast is already being hit with wind and heavy rain.

An emergency manager in Cameron county, Johnny Cavazos, says if Dolly follows the same path as Hurricane Beulah in 1967, “the levees are not going to hold that much water.”

People have been trickling into shelters in South Texas and in Mexico, where officials say 23,000 people could be evacuated.