Local Farmers Bring Consumers To The Fields

"It's really valuable for people to have a connection to know where their foods coming from or at least some of their food...."-Thomas Cameron

Farmers in Palisade are on to something.
Teaming up with consumers to improve the quality of the foods they produce as well as giving a boost to their livelihoods.

Some local Palisade farmers are involving the community in their annual harvest.
The Cameron Place Community Supported Agriculture Program is back at it again.
Allowing consumers to buy in to the family business for the second year.

Farming is a way of life for many in the Grand Valley,
but the hardships that farmers are facing,
may soon put an end to all of that.

Farming has become a challanging way to make a living.
Produce prices are about the same as they were about 30 years ago,
and this reality has forced many farmers to become much more creative.
Cameron farms has begun to market directly to the consumer.
Last year Thomas Cameron and his wife Janet, started the Cameron Place CSA, or community supported agriculture.

"people can join us here in the spring an pay a share of the garden produce for the whole year..." - Thomas Cameron

That garden produce includes fresh fruits, vegetables, and even flowers. But that's not all members will get, they will also get the opportunity first hand, to see where their produce is coming from.

So.. Grand valley residents can get their farm fresh produce and at the same time help the local agriculture community survive.

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