School District "Disappointed" in CSAP Scores

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CSAP scores released Tuesday show several grades in Mesa County scored below state average.

According to the numbers some of the biggest gaps were in math and writing for third and fourth graders.

School District 51 says its not happy with the numbers and school administrators say they'll be making changes.

The numbers were broken down by grade, third through tenth, and by subject, math, reading, writing and science. Those were compared to the state averages. School scores were broken down by proficiency levels.

Andy Laase is the Executive Director for Elementary Schools in District 51. As a school administrator and a parent of three, he didn't have a smile on his face when he looked at CSAP scores.

"It's disappointing, we take this very seriously," said Laase.

Laase says a growing district and poor funding isn't helping.

"It's a challenge to bring in the resources that we need to support the kids, but we are dedicated to that."

He says school administrators are looking at what they do have instead of what they don't to improve CSAP scores.

The numbers show scores below the state average in five of the eight grades tested in reading, even bigger gaps in writing for six of eight grades tested and lower than average scores in math for every grade.

Only fifth, eighth and tenth graders are tested in science and those scores showed little change.

Laase says it's a sign that curriculum isn't keeping up.

"The change that's going on with the students we're serving is more rapid than how we're changing the system to adjust to those students," said Laase.

District 51 says two out of three students have changed schools.

School administrators say making curriculum and teaching strategies more consistent district–wide, could help kids make the grade.

"The changes won't happen overnight, there has to be ongoing training."

But he says they will happen, because parents across the valley are depending on him and his kids are too.

To find out how you're child did on the test, you'll have to wait until kids go back to school in August. School District 51 says it's still waiting on individual scores from the state.

Also in August on the 19th, for the first time since CSAP testing started, the state will release growth model scores. Schools will be able to tell from the new statistics how a class has progressed from third through tenth grade.

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