Growing Grand Junction: CBI Shows Off New Digs

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The new 360 degree training simulator at the CBI building is a first in Colorado and just one of many new technologies preparing CBI agents at their new Grand Junction location.
Agents say the building is leaps and bounds beyond the old facility.
Crime Lab Agent Matthew Marvin says, "the difference first of all is space. in our previous location we were very cramped."
Deputy Director Pete Mang says, "we can now get DNA on just about anything that you touch... the juries are expecting it, the DAs are expecting it, the judges want it."
Now with the new building they have it.

They city handed over the keys to the building on April 1st, and even though the bureau says they are not yet fully staffed they are excited about the new technology, space and equipment.
Another first is how the CBI building came to be. The city of Grand Junction created a non–profit authority to issue bonds for the construction then they leased the building to CBI for 27 years.
Ann Driggers with the grand junction economic partnership says the new building will create a lasting effect. "The total economic impact we estimate over five years to be about 24 million dollars," says Driggers.
CBI will also work hand in hand with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office and Grand Junction Police Department to create a unique network of cooperation here in Grand Junction. Governor Bill Ritter will dedicate the new CBI building Thursday. The building will also be open to the public until noon that same day.

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