New Campaign Aimed at Ridding the World of Canine Cancer

Local veterinarian Krista Gibson was live in our studio on 11 News Today to tell us about a new campaign to help rid the world of canine cancer.

A new project by the Morris Animal Foundation hopes to wipe out this canine killer within one dog's lifetime. Cancer actually affects more than 50% of dogs and is a leading cause of canine deaths. Some purebreds, especially golden retrievers and boxers, are affected at even higher rates.

Many owners are unaware of treatment options and end up making the heart wrenching decision for euthanasia. In an effort to educate pet owners and eliminate the threat of cancer, the Morris Animal Foundation has started the Canine Cancer Campaign.
Bringing together leading scientists, research laboratories and pharmaceutical companies, the cancer campaign hopes to eventually involve all dog owning households in their fund–raising efforts.

The campaign has a goal of reaching 30 million dollars in research funds in just five years. Already, several studies are making progress in the battle. The aggressive goal of the campaign is to eliminate canine cancer within the next ten to twenty years.

Beyond helping our pets, these studies may impact cancer research in humans as well. Dogs and humans share many of the same types of cancer and what is learned from this research could someday help save the life of a human.

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