Quit Smoking Now

On 11 News Today we interviewed Cathie Nicholson from the Mesa County Tobacco Education Council live in our studio on how to quit smoking.

Quitting tobacco can equal better healty in minutes and in Colorado 85% of people say they want to quit. The Mesa County Tobacco Education Council is holding classes toe teach people the health benefits of quitting and the right way to do it.

The first "You Can Quit" class is on Tuesday, August 5th and the cost is $25.00 per person for the four week class. The "You Can Quit" curriculum is a useful tool to assist tobacco users in the quitting process, and research shows that tobacco users have higher success rates at quitting when they incorporate counseling and group supoort.

Eveyone who completes the course recieves 10 free workouts at St. Mary's Life Center, a free three month membership to Crossroads Fitness and free beginner yoga classes at the Academy of Yoga.

Registration is required and to do so contact Cathie Nicholson at 970-254-4108.

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