Immigration Protest Draws 3000 People

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Grand Junction joins more than a dozen cities in the country protesting an immigration bill currently stalled in congress.

More than three thousand people in Grand Junction gathered in support of immigrant rights on Monday.

Protesters gathered just before noon at Sherwood Park,
with banners, flags, and their loud voices.

Most spectators showed their support, and there were few reports of problems with dissenters.
3100 people marched in the protest. Thomas Ackert, who helped organize the march, was not surprised by the large turn–out.
"I've been listening to these people." Though he did not have a definite solution to the issue, he is not alone. Many people are torn on this controversial issue. But to the people who marched, it is a simple solution.

"We need to be legal in this country."
- Jose Martinez, Protester