VanGundy's Want City To Reconsider Zoning

Protesters with a local recycling center flood City Hall today asking council members to reconsider a zoning decision they made last week, but the city is standing firm on its decision. More than 50 protesters held signs that mocked city council's decision not to re–zone an area the VanGundy's say is crucial to their recycling center's existence.
The VanGundy's want to reallocate their business to the south downtown area which is zoned commercial not industrial.
The city and the VanGundy's signed an agreement in which the VanGundy's South 5th Street business would relocate by August for 1.7 million dollars. VanGundy says his company has no where to go unless the city reconsiders his request to re–zone. To date the city of Grand Junction has paid the VanGundy family $4.5M for their property, this also includes a relocation fee. Protesters did pass around a petition requesting the city re–hear the zoning issue. But the only way council members can is if someone on the majority side of the vote requests to.