Human Skull Found, Deputies Searching for Clues

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On Monday the Mesa County Sheriff's office announced it was investigating some human remains found in the region.

11 News has learned it was a piece of a human skull found by a hiker about 15 miles north of Westwater in Utah.

Grand County investigators are searching the area looking for moe evidence. They are looking for bones or any human remains that may be in the area.

Lt. Steven White and his team of ten investigators have been walking for miles looking for bones.

With all the brush and scattered pieces of rock, he says calling it a challenge is an understatement. The search area is five miles wide.

"It's like finding a needle in a haystack," White told 11 News on Wednesday.

Investigators are combing the ground with their tools standing by on ATV's, so when a searcher finds a bone, they can collect it in a ziploc bag for evidence.

While hiking Wednesday, searchers collected several bones. Investigators believe they belong to animals but say they can't be too careful, so they'll send them off for testing.

Investigators say it's a grueling job they've been doing for several days, but they say it's worth it if they can solve a mystery.

"If we can bring some closure to a family, that would be great," said White.

So White and his team will keep searching, as long as it takes.

Grand County investigators said they are about half way done with the search on Wednesday, but say they may have to expand the search area later this week.

The Utah Medical Examiner's Office is doing tests on the piece of skull.

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