Record Number of Voters Expected for this Years Election

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"We've been planning this since after the 2006 election," says Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Janice Rich. 92 percent of registered voters turned out to vote in the '04 election and this year could see even more.
"We are predicting that we are going to see a historic turnout in Mesa County and we have been preparing for that," says Rich.

2008 will be the first time since the 1952 election when Eisenhower ran against Stevenson, that we have not had an incumbent vice president or incumbent president run for office.

During the last general election the county had 20 voting centers this year they will add five new places. "The beauty about vote centers is that you can vote at the location of your choice. We find that we are more in a mobile society than we used to see," says Rich.

Along with more voting locations the county has asked to lease more voting machines for use in the primary as well as general elections. Early voting for the primary elections start Monday august fourth at two locations. One of those locations is the Mesa Mall across from the police sub–station another is at the old county court house. Or you can vote now with a mail in ballot, which of course you can send in the mail or drop at several locations.
Rich says, "we are doing everything we can to mitigate long lines, but if you wait till the last minute you might expect to have to wait in line."
Rich says early voting and mail in ballots are becoming more and more popular especially with longer ballots, with 60 percent of voters casting their ballots before election day.

Voters could see a lengthy ballot in November with possible initiatives from the state, school district, county and city asking voters to make a choice. Official ballot language is due by September the eighth.

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