Glade Park Residents Discuss The Future Of Postal Delivery

Glade Park residents once again came together Monday night to figure out the future of mail delivery for the area.
Mail delivery was restored to Glade Park on Monday after a sudden disruption a week-and-a-half ago, following a number of contract violations between the Postal Service and the Glade Park Store.
While Glade Park residents would like a contract post office put back into the Glade Park store, many realize that is not a possibility. What residents do want is a full–service post office, however, Grand Junction Postmaster Jim Price says with a price tag of nearly $3M, it simply isn't cost efficient.
One option for a more permanent solution is to have either the community or a private party build a structure to house post office boxes, but price is a concern. Postmaster Price says the cost would have to fall on either the community or a private party.