Rising Energy Cost Due to Consecutive Heat-streak

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The rise in temperatures is causing a rise in energy costs for Mesa State. But will a tuition increase be a result from the rising energy costs?

The short answer appears to be no. Dana Nunn with Mesa State College says, "Every year you have to factor in increases in operating expenses, that's certainly one piece of the formula used to determine whether an increase is necessary.

The problem is the college does not know if the energy cost increase this year will be large enough to result in a tuition increase. Nunn says, "We expect that usage will be up compared with last year because of the somewhat unseasonably warm weather. We're not expecting a huge increase but that remains to be seen."

Excel energy says the rise in energy costs is a result in the rise in natural gas prices. The price of natural gas has quadrupled over the past 8 months resulting in an 86% increase in electric bills from last summer.

The Grand Valley is currently at 47 consecutive days of high temperatures of 90 or above. The record is 51 days back in 1901. The bad news is Grand Junction is expected to break the record on Tuesday.

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