CBI: DNA More and More a Must for Evidence

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DNA technology is becoming more and more of a must have for evidence in everything from property crimes to assaults. CBI agents say they can now meet the increasing demand for DNA processing with equipment at the new building.

CBI Deputy Director Pete Mang, says, "the juries are expecting it the DA's are expecting it, judges want and they all want it right away."
It used to be that d–n–a collection required three things. "We had to have either a body fluid stain; blood, semen or saliva," says Mang.
Today collection is a lot easier.

Mang says, "we can now get DNA on just about anything that you touch. We call that trace DNA. The brim of your ball cap will have DNA on it." Agents will then take that DNA sample and amplify it to obtain a readable amount, results can be ready in as little as 24 hours or with less pressing cases two days.
Former DA and current Colorado Governor Bill Ritter said, "to just see the technology that has been improved upon in DNA since I left office in Denver three years ago its really remarkable."

Anybody charged with a felony in the state of Colorado is required to give a DNA sample. Samples are then entered in a state database. When a unknown DNA sample is obtained from the scene of a crime it is cross referenced with the state as well as federal databases.
"Its remarkable the kind of things you can do with the smallest of samples in determining a DNA sample," says, Ritter.

Local law enforcement will be able to use the equipment at the CBI building independently or they can ask the agents to do the processing for them.