New Air Tanker Control Center Opens At Walker Field

A new building is dedicated today that should help end the cramped quarters employees at the Interagency Air enter have shared at Walker Field for 30 years.

The facility is named for Larry Gebhart, who designed the new building as well as new loading and storage areas for the base.
the new facility's 9–thousand square feet of floor space triples the size of the old building and includes a new dispatch center as well as space for smokejumpers, administration and the Unaweep Fire Use Module.

The new air tanker base is the first to incorporate environmental safety into its' planning. Chemicals from the base are drained into a settlement pond and neutralized.

The new tanker base will continue to cover Colorado west of the Continental Divide as well as assist with firefighting in nearby states.
A total of 2–thousand resource orders were filled last year alone.