One Year Anniversary of the Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) _ Memorial services will be held in Minneapolis today to remember the 13 people killed one year ago today when a major a highway bridge buckled and fell into the Mississippi River.

A new bridge is almost finished, but it's not so easy to repair the lives of 145 people who were injured in the collapse. One survivor, Karge Olsen, suffered a brain injury and has undergone a sixth operation for broken bones in his foot. He's written a book yitled ``Bridges Don't Fall Down,'' with hopes of raising money to help surviving victims.

Today's remembrance includes an interfaith memorial service, with chanting Buddhist monks, drumming Native Americans, and the wailing of bagpipes. Emergency responders will march across the bridge, and then at the exact time of the accident: 6:05 p.m., a moment of silence, and then the tolling of bells to honor each of the 13 victims.

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