Clifton Revitalize Plan Gets Underway

Clifton residents gathered Wednesday for the first of several steps looking to revitalize the area.
In February, Mesa County hosted an open house, allowing Clifton residents to meet officials representing a variety of county entities and were encouraged to leave comments on what changes they would like to see in Clifton. On Wednesday, planning officials met with residents by neighborhood to go over some of the comments.
Comments left in February covered a wide array of areas, residents conveyed they want a clean, safe environment, more street lights and sheriff's patrols, improving sidewalks, and the need to become an organized and independent community.
The revitalization project is part of Mesa County's Master Plan Update, which was unveiled in early 2006 and Clifton, which has somewhat outgrown its rural roots, has become one of the top priorities for the county.
Neighborhoods have been broken down into six groups, from Central Clifton to South Fruitvale, the county will be working directly with residents to come up with a plan that will please all those who live in the Clifton area during a series of monthly meetings.
In addition to the meetings planning officials will also take a walk–about around the six neighborhoods with residents to get a better sense of what needs to be done.
Once all the information is collected from the meetings, county planners will then come up with a draft plan which will be presented at a public meeting. The date of the that meeting is yet to be determined.