Jury Finds Grand Junction Man Guilty On All Counts In Home Invasion Case

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After just a couple hours of deliberating Friday evening, the jury found Stanley Stevenson guilty on all five charges that he faced.
Stanley Stevenson was found guilty on his involvement in a home invasion case that occurred over two years ago. Stevenson was charged with 3rd degree assault, aggravated robbery, and menacing with a deadly weapon.

The home invasion occurred on the early morning hours on New Years Eve of 2004, where the jury found Stevenson guilty of breaking into a Clifton home to demand a debt that the victim supposedly owed Stevenson.

Stevenson was accompanied by another man, Conrad Archuletta.
The victim claimed that both of the men bound him with duct tape four times. The statement was subject to controversy in Stanley's trial, for in Archuletta's trial, the victim claimed he was bound by duct tape only twice.

Stevenson will be sentenced on June 22. Due to the severity of the charges, Stevenson will be held in custody without bail until his sentencing.