China Revokes Ex-Speedskater Joey Cheek's Visa

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Undated (AP) An American Olympic gold medalist isn't being allowed into China for the summer games.

China has revoked former Olympic speedskater Joey Cheek's visa, hours before he was set to leave for Beijing to promote his effort urging China to help make peace in the war-torn Darfur region of Sudan.

Cheek is the president and co-founder of a collection of Olympic athletes known as Team Darfur and was planning to spend about two weeks in China. He's been urging the international community to persuade Sudan to observe a truce during the Beijing games.

The 2006 medalist says not being allowed in China is “a big shock.” he was told it was “not required to give a reason.”

The White House plans to protest the move, with a spokeswoman saying the hope is China changes its mind. President Bush is expected to make some pointed comments about China tomorrow in Thailand, just before he goes to Beijing for the Olympics.