Mesa County To Improve Foster Care

The Department of Human Services recently hosted a two day foster care summit in Mesa County. The purpose was to discuss ideas and to develop plans to improve the foster care system

The summit identified six areas for improvement.

"We will be focusing on areas such as foster parent support, recuitment, training and retention of foster parents, quality improvement of the foster care system and community placement options," says Joe Kellerby, Project Manager for the Child Welfare division at the department.

The Department is holding meetings to seek input from the community to help improve the system. The meetings will be held at the Community Services building at 510 29 1/2 road at 3pm for the following dates:

Collaboration in Foster Care - August 12th, Room 2112
Foster Parent Support - August 13th, Room 1058
Cummunity Placement Options - August 14th, Room 2112
Quality Improvement - August 19th, Room 1058
Recruitment, Training and Retention - August 20th, Room 1058
Family to Faimly - August 21st, room 2112

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