29 Road Bridge Deck Complete, Commissioners Take Tour

After months of work the last load of concrete was poured on the deck of the 29 Road bridge on Wednesday, giving Mesa County Commissioners their first chance to walk on the bridge itself.

The steel–reinforced bridge spans 800 feet from North to South and rises more than 50 feet over the Colorado River. The Commissioners walked slowly over the span as they talked to project manager Louie Dorlac and Mesa County Public Works Director Pete Baier.

The bridge climbs steeply from one river bank to the other, and has some special features specially designed to enhance driver safety, including a computer-controlled system to keep the bridge ice-free.

Work on the bridge is three months ahead of schedule, and the city's separate 29 Road construction North from the bridge to D road should be completed at the same time in July, meaning drivers in Orchard Mesa will have new and faster access to parts of the valley once more time consuming to reach.