Demand For 911 Dispatchers Growing

It's almost second nature, when there's an emergency we know who to call, no matter what language we speak. Thursday when a one–year–old boy was ran over dispatchers were set into motion working quickly to break down a language barrier. They used AT&T Language Line as an interperter. Dispatch shift supervisor Tom Holman says business is booming. Over the last 6 months calls for service have been steadily increasing but not necessarily because of the grand valley's increasing population. An increase in call volume means more dispatchers are needed. On march 24th 6 new telecommunicators will be hired.But first the new hires will have to undergo 6 to 8 months worth of intense training. Holman says of those who particiapte in training only 50 percent will make it through. Dispatchers play a pivitol role in public safety. And while their jobs are stressful and the hours demanding most agree it's a rewarding career. On average it costs more than $50,000.00 to train a 911 dispatcher.