Meth Among Toughest Drugs to Quit

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Meth is not only highly addictive, but according to an official with Mesa County Criminal Justice Services, one of the toughest drugs to quit.

At a meeting Thursday morning, community members learned of the effects of meth and the changes it has on the brain.

The addiction is a tough one to battle.

The high is longer lasting than other stimulants, it helps women lose weight, it increases energy and causes sleeplessness, and is cheap and easy to make.

And as for recovery, for former addicts research shows memory recall and recognition actually get worse before they get better.

And even long after recovery, not all brain function can be recovered.

But former addicts at the meeting say the road to recovery is tough but worth it.

Two graduates from the Summit View program attended the meeting and told community members that they've made a lifestyle change for the better.

By sharing their experiences, they hope to inspire others to do the same.

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