Farmers Get The Go Ahead To Post Roadside Signs

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A measure put forth in the state legislature this session gives Colorado farmers and fruit stand owners the opportunity to market their products along state highways.

Farmers and fruit stand owners gathered in Palisade Saturday to show their appreciation and support for the new legislation. Last year, right before the annual peach harvest, the Colorado Department of Transportation prohibited farmers to post signs. C-DOT made Palisade farmers remove their signage along state right of ways including highway 50 and highway 141.

Coloardo State Representative, Josh Penry, took an active interest into why the farmers could not advertise their crop. Penry, who believes advertising is essential to the livelihoods of farmers, passed an amendment to the 2007 appropriations bill allowing peach growers and farmers to advertise their fruit stands in C-DOT right of ways, as long as they comply with safety and aesthetic regulations set by C-DOT.

So for the up–coming harvest season, tourists and the like will be able to spot where to buy their fresh produce.