Democratic Assembly Chooses Candidates

The Democrats of Mesa County have nominated their choices
to run for public office at the County and State government.

Delegates for the Mesa County Democratic party gather at Central High School to choose who will represent the party in this year's election.

A variety of political hopefuls were nominated at the convention Saturday.

Candidates were seeking positions such as County Coroner,
and State Representative.
This meeting gives those candidates a chance to address their party
and rally support.
However many of the offices this year are being sought out by only one Democratic candidate
so they have the support of the entire party behind them at this assembly.

There are six candidates that were selected to run today for the party.
Rich Alward is seeking the state representative seat for District 54.
Bernie Buescher is running for another term as representative for District 55.
In local government,
Dean Havlik is running for County Coroner.
Jim Witt is hoping to fill Tillie Bishop's seat on the Mesa County Board of Commissioners in District 2.
Bob Silva is running for Mesa County Sheriff
Paul Brown is looking for the County Assessor seat
because there is only one candidate vying for each office.
There will be no democratic primary.