Police Searching for Sex Assault Suspect

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People in one Grand Junction neighborhood are worried about their safety while police search for a sex assault suspect.

Investigators got a call that a woman was sexually assaulted inside her own home around 1:30a.m.

Grand Junction Police are releasing few details about the investigation.

"You feel like your space has been invaded that your really vulnerable," Patsy Patton told 11 News on Friday.

She was shocked to learn a woman in her quiet neighborhood may have been attacked. She's lived in her home for 17 years without any problems, until now.

"I'm just scared and concerned," said Patton.

Now she's making sure her doors and windows are locked and keeping an eye out for anything suspicious.

"We feel secure but now I'm not so sure we are."

Patton says she's a sound sleeper and didn't hear anything out of the ordinary this morning.

While she was sleeping, officers and their K–9's combed the streets searching for a suspect after the reported sex assault.

Police are not releasing the exact location of the alleged attack
but tell 11 news it happened in the northeast area of the city.

While they gather more information, people like Patsy Patton say they're uneasy.

"It's just kind of taken my breath away," said Patton.

She hopes police will solve the case so she doesn't have to feel vulnerable in her own home.

Police have not made any arrests. If you have any information on this case, call Crimestoppers at 241–STOP.

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