Rainy Day Fund Gets Bi-Partisan Support

Both Democrats and Republicans are in agreement.
There needs to be an emergency fund set aside for
when the money gets tight in Colorado.

Two western slope lawmakers put their differences aside and came together this week to establish a bi–partisan proposal that will create a rainy day fund.
The agreement comes in the form of two separate house bills.
The first, Democrat Bernie Buescher will carry.
It will establish a fund that could only be used during a budget crunch.
when the state's tax revenue does not increase by four percent over the previous year's spending.
The second bill...
carried by Republican Josh Penry will take money from Colorado's tobacco settlement
to establish the balance of the fund.
Both bills will work together to lessen the impact if Colorado's economy experiences another downturn.

The two bills still have to be voted on in both the house and the senate.