Green Built Homes Look to Entice Buyers

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With a slow in the residential housing market many potential buyers are looking to get the most bang for their buck, and Green home builders are looking to step up to that challenge. Jeff Piper of Village Homes says, "If the question is, will the buyer experience cost savings over the long run by using a green builder, the answer is yes, they will."
Piper says green building is becoming more of a factor in home buying.

"The cost of energy is going up and home buyers don't want to spend all of their money on their monthly utilities," says Piper.
Builders are required to meet specific regulation in order for a home to qualify as a green built home. Features like tankless water heaters, special windows and doors and engineered decking, but with all the added features comes an added price.

"Unfortunately when you are spending more to build the house then its going to be more for the buyer," says Piper. There are three approved methods to build a green home. Each method rates houses on a point scale, houses must score a certain number to qualify as a green home.
Even with the slightly higher price tag residents say it's the quality they are concerned about.

Piper says, "It's a good investment a lot of folks will understand that they are investing something more into their home in the front but there is a payoff on the backside." As technology continues to develop the requirements for a green built home will continue to change along with it.

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