Planning Commission Meets Tuesday to Discuss New Grand Junction Strip Club

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It's been three years since a gentleman's club has operated in Grand Junction, but that could soon change. Tuesday, city officials will take the first steps in deciding whether a Grand Junction business man will be able to open a new club off of Highway 6 & 50.

Tuesday night, the city planning commission will hold a hearing to decide if it will recommend a conditional use permit for the adult club. Even though there are still many steps after this one, before any such business can open, it's already got Grand Junction residents and nearby business talking.

201 Colorado Avenue was once the site of Cheers, a popular topless bar in downtown Grand Junction. After closing it's doors for good and selling the property in 2005, adult nightlife in the Grand Valley was at a stand still. But now, plans for a new club within city limits are causing a stir.

"I don't have a strong opinion either way," said Grand Junction resident Adam Ford. "I'm married, so I won't be going, but I'm sure there's a lot of folks in town who will."

"A strip club definitely has drinking," said Grand Junction resident Heather Ford. "It also doesn't promote the healthiest images of women."

Grand Junction business man Kevin Eardley has filed for a conditional use permit for a property at 2258 Colex Drive, just off of Highway 6 & 50. While that's much further away from Cheers' old central location --

"As long as it doesn't infringe on other businesses, then it's not really for me to decide," said Adam Ford.

Many say they're still weary about a strip club coming back to the area.

"I mean the attitude it the attitude regardless of where it's located," said Heather Ford.

And it's not just residents who have some concerns. Employees at Excel Directional Technologies can see the plot from their windows.

"I don't think it's going to affect our business at all," said Tera Childres, an employee of Excel. "But there are people who have to come here everyday. I don't think it's something that any business would want right next to them."

Excel says it's had problems with break-ins before, and with the clientele adult clubs ten to bring, nearby businesses are worried about more trouble.

"We don't want to necessarily be associated with that type of business," said Childres.

11 News tried to contact Eardley on his business and personal phone, but calls were not returned.

The Planning Commission meeting will take place at 6:00pm Tuesday night in the City Hall Auditorium.