CBI to conduct their own investigation into Sen. Steve King

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. District Attorney Pete Hautzinger gives the green light for authorities to begin a criminal investigation into Senator Steve King's time with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation will be the agency in charge.

Earlier this month, King was involved in meetings with interim Sheriff Rebecca Spiess regarding falsifying time cards and was later fired by former Sheriff Stan Hilkey.

The incident has sparked the attention of the public for further investigation into possible offenses committed by King.

Hautzinger enlisted the help of Sheriff Spiess and Grand Junction Chief of Police John Camper when considering the requests of the community for an investigation.

“Our unanimous conclusion was yes-- there needs to be an investigation but it also needs to be done by an independent agency that doesn't have any history or contact with Mr. King,” says Hautzinger.

The CBI has accepted the task of conducting this private investigation since they have no prior affiliation with Steve King.

Hautzinger believes that with all public eyes on the ongoing MCSO internal affairs investigation on King, it is in the best interest of everyone to have the issue investigated from a criminal standpoint.

In a phone conversation with King, Hautzinger says that Senator King supports the decision to move forward with the investigation.

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