Bears Leaving Dens

With the last days of winter in the high country at hand, bears are beginning to stir from winter hibernation. That means people need to remember to bear–proofing their homes from bruins.

Fresh from months asleep, bears will first try to regain lost weight.
Often that search sends bears into town in search of high levels of fat and protein, and that includes garbage.

Colorado Division of Wildlife biologists say people should keep their garbage in a safe place, not putting it to curb for pickup until morning. They also advise people to keep their bar-be-que grills stashed out of harm's way and put away dog and cat food.

Biologists say a good fall crop of nuts and berries means bears should have over–wintered in good shape and say they don't expect problems with bears this year in the Grand Valley compared to 2004, when a record number of bear encounters were reported.