New Bill Hopes to Keep Tabs On Homeless Sex Offenders

Legislators in the House agreed Monday that Colorado law needs to be changed to eliminate current loopholes that allow sex offenders to elude registration.

The bill passed unanimously in the house yesterday.

The bill would require sex offenders living in temporary residences, such as motor homes, trailers and cars, to register with local authorities.
The bill would also require sex offenders to notify the managers of homeless shelteres that they are a convicted sex offender. Currently, state law requires a convicted sex offender to provide only information regarding an established residence.

Homeward Bound in Grand Junction says that one of the problems they deal with is trying to identify sexual offenders. The current policy of the shelter is to not allow sex offenders to stay at the shelter, and this bill may help them identify who that is.

The bill is awaiting a hearing in the Senate for another vote.