Walker Field Performing Well

In early 2006, Walker Field Airport board members asked the firm of Mead and Hunt, based in Eugene, OR, to take a look at the air service at the field and determine how successful the airport is, as well as what direction they can go in the future.
After 9/11, airports saw a drastic decline in business and while many smaller airports have not recovered, Walker Field has seen a surge and for a market and population this size, Tuesday's presentation indicated that the airport is performing well.
Walker Field has hubs at three major points in separate directions and according to the presentation, load capacity's for flights to Denver and Phoenix are strong, although Salt Lake City has seen a slight decline.
While some passengers may still want to drive over the hill to Denver for cheaper air fare, consultants say Walker Field is providing above average service.
Tuesday's presentation also mentioned that small market airports like Walker Field are vital to economic stability and growth and advised board members to get aggressive with the air field's air development efforts.