Boy Playing With Lighter Accidentally Sets Clifton Apartment Fire

A child playing with a cigarette lighter this morning starts a fire that leaves his Clifton family homeless.

When Clifton fire crews responded just before 11 am they found flames coming from a bedroom window. The 3–year–old accidentally set a woolen blanket on a bunk bed on fire. Flames then caught the upper bunk on fire as well.

The mother, who was in the bathroom when the fire broke out, heard the smoke alarm go off and got the young boy and his one–year–old sister out of the house. Because she had no telephone the mother had to run next door to Clifton Elementary School for help.

A cat in the apartment was taken to a nearby veterinarian in critical condition. A gerbil and lizard were also in the apartment. There is no word on the condition of any of the pets.

The fire caused about 20,000 dollars in damages to the home and belongings and rendered the apartment unlivable. The American Red Cross is offering assistance to the family.