AMR Employees Explore New Opportunities

Paramedic Timothy Sloan has been with the Grand Junction AMR for six years. In that time he's grown accustomed to both his job and the grand valley. But his comfortable world was turned upside down when the Fire Department was awarded the contract to be the city's sole ambulance provider. Sloan says there's been a lot of stress around the office and a lot of people have quit because they couldn't deal with the fact that they didn't know when they would be out of the job. Sloan says his crew is trying to stay positive, but it is frustrating at times. AMR responds to more than 5–thousand calls a year. And Director Scott Lenn says they will continue to care for patients until they're asked to leave. Lenn says they are committed to staying in Grand Junction until at least October. But when the Fire Department takes over, AMR will be no more on the western slope. And as the reality sinks in, employees are looking for new opportunities. All have tested out with the fire department and are now awaiting the results. So while it's still up in the air when the fire department will take over one thing's for sure, AMR employees say they will continue to stay positive and save lives. AMR employees who applied with the Grand Junction Fire Department should find out if they have a job by mid May. American Medical Response has been in Grand Junction for 10 years.