Accident Prone Intersection to Receive Traffic Light

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One local highway intersection prone to traffic accidents is expected to receive a traffic signal.

The intersection at State Highway 6 & 50 (I-70B) and 23 Road has seen its fair share of accidents. In fact two accidents over a two day period. One accident was a four car accident just before noon on Friday August 8th. Another accident occurred Sunday night at 10:30 sending a pregnant woman to the hospital.

All these accidents including two fatal accidents since the year 2000 has prompted CDOT to put a traffic signal at the intersection. CDOT says unfortunately it takes accidents for them to receive funding for road safety projects. A CDOT representative says a fatal accident actually pays more in funding than an accident with injuries.

CDOT says it has 1 million dollars in the budget to complete the project. The project is expected to begin by the Spring of '09 and be completed in July of '09.

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