Alcohol Will Flow at Country Jam

For some people drinking is one of the reasons they go to Country Jam. But County Commissioner Janet Rowland says the underage drinking in the campground is problem. And Monday morning she voted to deny the music events alcohol permit. Lieutenant Lori Galvan with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office told commissioners last year there were fewer problems than in previous years, but that despite efforts over the years to address the problem it was still too easy for underage drinkers to get a wrist band which would identify them as being 21 or over. Last year Country Jam Organizers say there was a no–tolerance policy on underage drinking, but at least one family was allowed to stay at the event last year even though an underage child was found with alcohol. Promoter Steve Berg said an exception was made because the family has spent more than 25–hundred dollars to make the trip to Country Jam from their home in Utah. Commissioner Janet Rowland replied that it was the family's responsibility to police their children and the family should have been told to leave. Rowland then voted to deny an alcohol permit for the event. Commissioners Tillie Bishop and Craig Meis acknowledged the alcohol problems but voted in favor of the permit. So for the time being alcohol will remain a big draw for one of the grand valley's biggest events.