Driver Falls Asleep at the Wheel...Twice

After reportedly falling asleep behind the wheel of his car, a driver crashes into a stop sign and leads police on a foot chase.

Just before 7 this morning, some concerned residents saw that 20-year old Dillon
Hauck was passed out in his pick up truck in the Wal-Mart parking lot, so they woke him up.

He left the parking lot on North Avenue and started to drive down 29 Rd. At the intersection of 29 and F the same concerned people noticed he was asleep again, so they called police and then reached into his truck and took his keys.

Somehow Hauck was able to get his keys back and hopped into his truck again. He ran his truck into a stop sign at the intersection of F Rd. and Indian Creek...then took off on foot. He only got about 100 yards before police caught him.

He was taken into custody and charges are pending.