Family Struggles In Aftermath of Olympic Slaying

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Beijing (AP) The family of an American tourist killed in Beijing is still reeling from the attack.

That's according to Hugh McCutcheon, coach of the U.S. Men's Volleyball team and son-in-law of the slain man. McCutcheon's wife, Elisabeth Bachman -- a 2004 Olympian -- was with her parents when they were attacked at a Beijing tourist site. Her father was killed and her mother seriously injured. Elisabeth Bachman was unhurt.

Mccutcheon says the attack has affected his men's Olympics team, which worked hard to qualify for the Beijing games, and the women's team, which includes some of his wife's former teammates.

He says much remains unknown about the attack, which also wounded a Chinese tour guide. He calls it a case of being in the “wrong place at the wrong time.” police say the attacker was an unemployed factory worker who killed himself after the stabbings.

On a positive note, Barbara Bachman's condition has improved. She remains, however, in serious but stable condition.

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