School Clothes too Skimpy?

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The mall is bustling with back to school shoppers but parents looking for clothes for their teens are getting a shock, and it's not the sticker price.

Moms and dads marching around the mall say all they're seeing is halter tops that show way too much skin, tank tops with thin spaghetti straps that look like bra straps and skirts getting shorter and shorter.

They say they'd like to see more things that keep their girls covered up but family counselors say it doesn't matter what stores sell, it's not a new concept, teens will rebel.

Parents say fashions like this are too sexy for school or anywhere else for that matter.

Barbara Carmack is a mother and grandmother who has seen fashions come and go. She says 50–percent off shouldn't mean you get 50–percent of the clothing.

"It makes me furious as a mom!" Carmack told 11 News on Tuesday.

She says it's not necessarily the fashions but seeing them on girls 14, 13, 12 years old.

"How can parents let their kids go out like that," said Carmack.

Family Counselor Steve Landman says parents don't always know what they're teens are wearing.

"One teen told me she changes her clothes in the bathroom when she gets to school," said Landman.

He says kids are inundated with sexy imagery on the internet, in music videos and advertisements--they think that's the norm and try to emulate what they see.

Another reason he says, just plain rebellion.

"It's fairly common for teens who will try and see what happens if I wear these clothes or buy this outfit what mom and dad will do," Landman told 11 News on Tuesday.

He says the best thing you can do is set limits and have consequences for breaking those limits.

"It's important to maintain those limits and talk about why they feel that way."

Something Carmack said she did with her daughter and now she's doing with her granddaughters. She hopes other parents will too.

(sot–i hope parents give their kids more self esteem.. and standards)

School District 51's dress code policy says, "Disciplinary measures as outlined in the regulations shall be imposed when dress endangers student health and safety, causes interference with work or creates classroom or school disorder."

School officials say it's up to school principals to decide more specifically what clothing is deemed appropriate and inappropriate.

If you have any questions about what your child can wear contact his or her school.

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