Growing Grand Junction: Service Clubs Meeting More Demand

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"We are really excited about this and we are really thankful they were here to help out," says Jim Prinster of Colorado Discover Ability, about the donation from the Grand Junction Lion's Club.

Colorado Discover Ability's old van had more than 380 thousand miles on it. Thanks to a grant from the Grand Junction Lion's Club they now have a new one. The Red Cross needed improvements to their building. Something they accomplished with help from the Lion's Club as well.

"Our organization we totally rely on community funding, people seem to think that the government supports us, but they don't," says Mary Wendland the Health and Safety Director for the Red Cross.

It's a growing Grand Junction that helps local clubs and organizations put carpet in the Red Cross facility, help Hospice build a new building and for Discover Ability buy a new trailer and van.

Kristin Winn, the President of the local Kiwanis says, "We have been able to raise more money year after year." However, along with the added revenue comes added need.

"As we grow and the need grows for helping children and families; we are seeing other organizations popping up that come to us looking for funding," says Winn.

Deciding who to help can be the hardest part says Lion's Club president Karl Clemons. "Usually all of them are worthy but you know we have to make up our minds because if we gave to everyone what they wanted ever year we would need a million dollars," says Clemons.

The Downtown Grand Junction Rotary Club president Dale Beede says help now is more important than ever. "Our economy is still a fragile economy and so it also presents more needs that we're hopefully helping to fill," says Dale Beede.

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