Jury Deciding Fate of Child Abuse Suspect

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A jury of seven women and five men are deciding the fate of a 24-year-old Grand Junction man accused of beating his two-year-old stepson to death.

Attorneys on both sides delivered closing arguments in the Brandon Moore trial.

The prosecution urged the jury to convict Moore of first degree murder and knowingly or recklessly causing child abuse resulting in death because of what they call "conflicting" and "evolving" stories given by the defendant, blood evidence found in the home that they say conflicts with the story and medical testimony that they say showed that the severe and fatal injuries suffered by one-year-old Logan Acord could not have been accidental.

The defense asked the jury to avoid emotions and prejudice when they presumed their client innocent was innocent before considering all of the evidence. They're asking for a reduced charge of criminally negligent child abuse resulting in death and admit Brandon Moore did "fail" in several ways to act as a responsible parent and member of the community by not calling 911 when Logan was injured, but did not "knowingly" or "recklessly" hurt the child.

Moore could face life in prison for the murder charge and a minimum sentence of 32 years if he is convicted of the reduced charge of criminally negligent child abuse resulting in death.

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