Cotter Uranium Mill Cited For Contamination

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Canon City, Colo. (AP) The state has cited the Cotter Corporation Uranium mill near Canon City for radioactive contamination at an adjacent golf club.

Steve Tarlton of the State Health Department says is no health threat because the club uses water from treated municipal sources.

Recent tests by the state found uranium levels in groundwater from 110 to 150 micrograms per liter in most locations, and one test showed a level of 2,600. The federal standard is 30.

The state sent Cotter a notice of violation July 25th. The company has 60 days to submit a cleanup plan.

The company is examining how the contamination occurred.

The mill operated from 1958 to 1979, then intermittently until 2006. It became a superfund site in the 1980s.