An Angel Among Us

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When driving along the highway most people only pay attention to what is directly in front of them, but an Angel Among Us stopped to help a woman who had veered off the road.

On a cold October morning, Julie Lamarsh and her young daughter were driving in Unaweep Canyon when a deer ran in front of their car. Julie swerved to miss the deer but ended up off the road.

Joshua Glory and his father were driving on the road and happened to see a flicker of light. That flicker was from Julie's car. Julie was trapped inside the car, but she had been lighting tissues and textbooks on fire to try and attract attention.

Joshua and his father stopped and found Julie and her daughter, Samantha. They immediately called for help. Josh stayed with Julie for almost six hours until medical help could get to the scene.

Julie's family fears that with out Joshua's help, Julie would not have survived the accident. But, thanks to the Glory family and the numerous emergency personnel on scene, Julie and her daughter have almost completely recovered from the accident.

Joshua Glory's selfless act of kindness, truly makes him an Angel Among Us.