Diabetes Kids Club Provides Support for Kids and Families

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10–year–old Bryce Morse has lived with diabetes for seven years. He's had the pump for the past four years and checks his blood sugar levels four to five times a day. "Your blood sugar goes high and you usually start feeling a little bit tired or hyper," says Morse.

Between 60 to 70 kids in School District 51 have type one diabetes.
"In the Grand Valley we are trying to start the Diabetes Kids Club and be a support group for kids and their families," says Becky Menge, Director of Community Education at Community Hospital.

The Kids Club meets every month to discuss diabetes related topics. Today District 51 school nurses met with kids to talk about how they can work together at school, like where and when to check your levels.
"I usually go to the back of the room and yah, check then," says Morse.

Terri Thompson is a Registered Nurse and Diabetic Educator at Community Hospital. She says education is one of the most important tools they can give the children. "Somebody can't follow them around all day telling them what to eat and if they are low if they're high and so you know we try to give them education so they can make good choices on their own."

Morse says many of his classmates ask him about diabetes.
"A lot of people are usually cool about it and then some people are kinda... whatever"

The next Diabetes Kids Club meeting is September 23rd at Community Hospital. Anyone who wants to attend can call the hospital at 256–6214 for more details.

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